Therapy Dog Training Online Course


K9 support is now offering a NEW ONLINE Therapy dog Course. The only one of its kind in Australia!

We understand some of our clients find it very difficult financially to fly themselves and their dogs interstate to attend our five day course, also the added cost of accommodation, and finding one who will accept dogs is difficult and expensive in many cases.

It is also very difficult for some to take time off work from the important work they do.

K9 Support has been working very hard for the last six months designing a course which covers the entire theoretical work we do in our course, into a web based online learning tool.

We have also looked into how we can temperament test your dog, and ensure your dog and yourselves as handlers can prove to us at K9 Support, that you as a team can work together AND with the public safely. This requires a commitment from you to provide video evidence of you and your dog performing tasks that we ask you to video for us.

There are three levels to this course. All levels must be completed within three months of start date.

The first involves reading, research, and answering questions and providing your first video evidence. Once this is evaluated and accepted as competent, you will be given access to level two.

The second level is evidence of practical tasks by submitting video evidence. This will require a friend or colleague to help you by taking video footage of you and your dog performing the required tasks.

Please be aware, only you and your dog are required to be in the video most of the time, please do not video people without their consent! Where children or other people are required to be in the scenario we have provided for you, please do not video faces. K9 Support WILL NOT share any video with any other person or agency. We do need to see that other people, including children, are interacting with your dog but they do not and should not be identifiable.

There are a number of tasks where we ask you to video your dog with other people, dogs, and children interacting. Two separate 'Service and Therapy Dog Trainers' will review your video footage, and give you feedback via email. We are available by phone or email to continue to help you with training your dog if we perceive you need to improve on the video submitted to us.

Level Three is information and training techniques indicative to each individual employment or volunteer area. By now we know you and your dog individually, and we can help you train your dog to do certain tasks which will help you in the work that you do.

This level is not tested and is not required to be competent to pass as Therapy dog and handler. It is a chance to enhance your training techniques, and provide your clients with an amazing dog to work with. Here is where we personalise your experience with K9 Support and help you and your dog change the lives of people.

This online course is not available in your region.