K9 Support

Professionally Trained Facility Dogs & Therapy Dogs Providing Special Comfort to Child Victims & Witnesses

Facility dogs that work in the legal system can provide a sense of calm, security, and non-judgmental support during investigative and legal proceedings.

K9 Support provides: Professionally trained Facility dogs and Therapy dogs to:

  • Agencies working with people who have been traumatised by crime.
  • Counsellors and psychologists using Animal Assisted Interventions.
  • Youth Justice Workers.
  • Families with children who have been traumatised by violence and crime.

As well as

  • Specifically written programs / protocols with each placement.
  • Professional ongoing training and support for canine handlers, and their agencies.

Facility dogs provide a sense of calmness and security, non-judgmental support during counselling, and victim advocacy support.

Facility dogs are an innovation for witness / victim support programs, especially children who may find it hard to communicate traumatic events they have experienced.

Therapy dogs live with the children and family as their own pet, but are trained especially for each family’s circumstance.

Animal Assisted Interventions by K9 Support are at the cutting edge of this emerging therapeutic resource.


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