Therapy Dog Courses for Agencies or Counsellors

Therapy dogs for Agencies / Counsellors.

Therapy dogs for Agencies / Counsellors.

K9 Support dogs are trained to work in a Therapy Session within an agency, working with Counsellors to help adults and children who have experienced trauma.

We have seen an increase in Counselling agencies, and private Counsellors contacting us for professionally trained Therapy and Facility dogs.

Agencies working with K9 Support have witnessed a lowering of anxiety in their clients from the first session with dogs we place with them. Children feel a connection and may bond with the dog immediately. Wonderfully, when they leave, at the end of the session they ask when they can see their special friend again.

Clients, who have been through Trauma, find the dogs a calming presence. They help to keep them in the here and now. As they focus on the dog, they are able to tell their story, with support from the dog that humans cannot provide.

Dogs are also extremely helpful with Vicarious Trauma. They can help the staff as much as the clients. This helps with staff retention, and truly helps with staff morale and emotional wellness.

K9Support dogs are encouraged to attend peer support meetings and supervision within the office.

If you are considering incorporating a dog in you agency, please contact us, and we can find a training program best suited to your agency.